Choreographer 1.0

Have you always wanted to create beautiful choreographies? Has music always inspired you but you didn't know where and how to start? 

Then this course is for you, the brave one!


It is created to guide you through your first (or not the 1st) big project - creating a choreography.


You will receive: lectures, information how to start, as well as homework and personal guidance throughout the process.

I will guide you to:

-finding you strengths

-understanding the psychology of dance and sexuality

-working with camera

-using your enegry

-finding your own style

-creating a choreography from scratch

-having crucial knowledge about musicality 

-use crucial visual dance trics

-improvement of your technique and knowledge


In the end you will go through it in person and make a video if that is your goal - to share your first work so proudly

- Support Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00
- 60 days from zero to a final version of your choreography
- Homework check within 48 hours


-Support 24/7
- Unlimited time period - as long as you are making progress
-Homework feedback in 24 hours
- 1 individual offline lesson with Anastasia to clean the choreo & prepare for shooting
- Professional video shooting of your choreography in a studio with lights