Season 2 Timetable

Start  13.05

registration to be opened soon

Classes for beginners and intermediate level dancers. You can join classes at any point

Choose your package (each package is valid 30/31 days and is valid from the first class attended)
I am a beginner and/or never danced on heels before/ don't have sporty background. Can I join?

Yes! Lessons are aimed at beginners/intermediate level dancers. You will learn both walking and dancing techniques, we will work on strengthening your muscled

What kind of shoes should I buy/wear?

You can see the answer here

What should I wear?

Anything that's comfortable for you. Literally anything

Will there be filming?

This works voluntarily  however - yes, during the course and you will learn how to work with the camera. We will film your dance individually or in a group. Videos are great to see yourself from the side and see what are your strength and moments that need to be improved