1. Do I have to have to wear heels right on the first class of High Heels?

No, if you are a total beginner. You can totally begin with sneakers, and move to heels slowly whenever you feel more confident. So if you do not have any dance experience, I suggest to give yourself some time and not to rush with dancing in heels right away

And YES, if you have some dance experience ;)

2. What should I wear to class?

Basically anything that is comfortable for you and will let you move freely! I also suggest to always have knee pads with you, just in case we will do floor work.

3. Can I join the studio if I am not sporty or don't have a perfect body?

Well, I do not like the work "perfect" ;) We all are different, and therefore, beautiful. You will see transformations already after the first month - not only physical, but also your mind will transform, since I am working a lot on the spirit and womanhood with my girls. I want you to free your inner something, that you have inside and set it free! Dancing is about confidence, and I am there to help you achieve it!

4.How do packages work?

For now, packages are published and priced per month, so, for example, if you buy a High Heels 1 month package, it means you will have access to all High Heels classes during the month, which will be valid during the calendar month - 1-30/31 date of the month.

5. Are classes connected with each other?

Not yet. In October we are dancing different choreography in each class, however from November we will have membership plans, as well as closed groups and divisions by level.

6. Do you offer online classes/tutorials?

This is coming very very soon!