What kind of dance shoes should I wear for HH & FUS?

For High Heels, the best is to choose a stable heel (could be even chunky), with open toe. It shoes hold your foot properly. If you want to have professional shoes, visit BurjuShoes store, although it will be quite pricey (but definitely worth it). And the best thing is, you can customise the size, hight of the heel and other details! (click on the shoe to visit website)

So when choosing dance shoes, remember, that they have to be:

  1. Comfortable

  2. With a thin sole

  3. With a great support for your ankle

  4. Preferable no zips on the side

  5. Proper high of the heel

You can also visit Sandro, they usually have open toe heels like this one:

For Frame Up strip, go for 7'' (for total beginners) or 8'' (hight), and never chose any brand other than Pleaser. They make the best shoes! It can be shoes or boots, whatever you prefer. However with shoes, try to go one size smaller, since they will get a bit bigger in time. I prefer and suggest boots, since then your feet are more protected and stable.

You can order Pleasers on Pole Junie (click on the shoe). AND! Please don't forget knee pads, we want to keep our knees safe ;) These you can buy in any erotic store (sex shop)!

So for these shoes, most important rules are:

  1. If you are a beginners, choose 7inch hight

  2. Don't choose shoes with transparent top - they are uncomfortable and will stretch out

  3. Try to find physical store for your first shoes